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“Direction is more important than speed” 

About Nic Sementa

About Nic Sementa

Best know for Chicago’s RGB Creative Collaborative Incubator which focused on helping local Chicago artists incubate and launch brands, Nic Sementa has a unique gift for sales and marketing innovation, successfully launching and selling several mission oriented companies in multiple industries.

As a serial entrepreneur, Nic Sementa has co-founded a series of companies including one of Inc Magazine’s top 500 fastest growing businesses (a credit card processing start-up in 2007), nationally distributed college magazine Boosh, and a community based artist incubator RGB Lounge. Currently serving as Director of Business Development for Formula Ink, Nic is focused on the continued success of strategic partnerships to deliver maximum value to clients.

Business Strategy on a New Level

Nic specializes in consulting businesses on growth hacking techniques that yield rapid results in growth If you feel that you could benefit from rapid growth, contact Nic today for a free consult!



Nic Sementa cold called me for a friend of his in a unique situation for which he thought I might be able to offer a suggestion or two. I was so impressed with the conversation we had I asked him what he does for a living. Next thing I know I’m hiring his firm to completely revamp my business model with a progressive and aggressive approach to marketing I never could have envisioned for my company. His greatest professional talent, in my opinion, is he is so comprehensive in his thoughts and direction that there is no stone left un-turned.

Jared Yucht

Owner, Smoque Vapours

Nic is the type to communicate very clearly and he is effective at getting things done. I own a vending company that travels the country setting up a store at various music festivals. Last year Nic was able to come onsite and work out an issue with the production crew that could have been very costly to my business and one I was not able to resolve myself. This impressed me very much because I am a very capable communicator myself. Nic has the ability to fix complex business problems even in areas that are not necessarily his expertise, Nic is a man that can help you as well.



My Work

Formula Ink

While leading business development for Formula Ink, Nic identifies companies that are looking for rapid growth. With training classes on Agile Methodologies and Rapid Business Development in Panama, Jamaica, South Africa, Dallas, Tampa, Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle, Orlando, Chicago, and several other locations, our international reach allows for the opportunity to share these practices widespread.

Agile Marketing Academy

As   Co-founder   and   Co-author   of  the   Agile Marketing  Academy  and  it’s training classes nic developed   a   cutting   edge  new   approach  to marketing   rooted   in   a  methodology   with  25 years of industry success backed by international accreditation.   while  developing  these methods nic  has   helped   hundereds   of   businesses  to refocus on their ideal clients allowing  for faster and cleaner growth. 

Minion Werks

Nic founded Minion Werks as he began consulting businesses while still working with artists and stepping into the comic book world. As he began to understand exactly how much his thoughts, ideas, strategies and solutions bring real value, Minion Werks brought together a think tank of self-starting entrepreneurs and established experts in their fields with a common characteristic of solving creative challenges differently than the status quo.

Learn Cutting Edge Techniques

Nic is a powerful storyteller and uses strong analogies to convey his message. With a solid lean startup business background, Nic often shares business war stories to help others avoid pitfalls period



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